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1. If you found this site through a search engine or stumbled across it through some other means, feel free to contact me at the following email address. Comments, corrections, compliments, or criticisms regarding anything you find on this site are welcome and appreciated.

Website E-mail:  Comment   at

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2. If you are one of my students, a professional colleague, someone I know personally, or anyone else who wishes to contact me in my capacity as a Winona State psychology professor, you may contact me at the following address:

WSU E-mail:  CSchreiber   at

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3. Also, I designed and currently maintain the website for the Winona State University Psychology Department. The information available there includes course descriptions, requirements for the WSU psychology major, and information about the department's faculty members. For example, this link will take you to my own faculty page on the department's site, and this link will take you to a page with drop-in office hours for all members of the department. Also, my office location, office phone number, and departmental fax number can be found on that site.