I'm sorry to say that this site has languished without updates for about two years. I have not lost interest in developing it further, but time is always in short supply. Within the next month, I'll know whether or not I will be on sabbatical next year. Although my official plan for next year does not include refurbishing my personal website, I hope I can fit in that job in July or August (2014). In the meantime, I appreciate your visit. Please explore what's here so far.


-- CS (1/7/2014)


My site is really two sites in one. There is a PROFESSIONAL section that relates to my work as a psychology professor at Winona State University. It provides information about my teaching, research, and professonial background. It also provides information directed toward my academic advisees and others with similar questions. Although I'm sure I have said things in this section with which others will disagree, I try to keep my professional section relatively low on controversy, focusing on the type of information I could legitimately post to the university web server. Nevertheless, I should emphasize that the views throughout are entirely my own and do not represent my department, my university, or any other organization.

The other section of this site is PERSONAL. It includes biographical information and an extensive collection of personal photographs. In the personal section, I may venture into more controversial material. I may comment on such hot topics as education, politics, technology, religion, and matters related to personal ethics or tastes. Becuase my site is not university-hosted and not affiliated with state government, I reserve the right to touch on such matters of opinion that would not be appropriate in the classroom or on a website hosted on a state-supported server. As of my last major update in January 2012, however, the VIEWS section of my PERSONAL section has still not been developed.

This site is very much a work in progress. Each year I manage to find about a week during the summer to work on it. Thus, it has evolved quite slowly. Bit by bit, however, I continue to make progress. Perhaps within the next summer or two I'll be able to add something juicier to the PERSONAL section that will be a little more controversial, and ideally more thought-provoking. Frankly, I think it's a little too tame at present.

The boundary between the two areas is rather fuzzy, with professional content spilling over to the personal side. However, if you would prefer to avoid exposure to views with which you disagree, you are probably fairly safe if you confine yourself to the pages in the PROFESSIONAL section.

Although I'm a little embarrassed about the vanity URL (CharlesSchreiber.info -- what else would I call it?), I do like having a web space of my own to post whatever I please.

Note: Unless explicitly stated otherwise, I reserve all rights to all content, including both text and images, on all pages (and in all downloadable files) located within the domain CharlesSchreiber.info. No content from this site may be reproduced, altered, or distributed in any manner without my explicit written permission.

Last updated: January 2014